Marriage, a roller coaster ride!

Jayna Dasani
2 min readJun 11, 2021


It’s my 20th anniversary and I’ve been thinking about my life so far.

There are people who are The Journey and not The Destination. Marry that kind of a person. Because they never end. They don’t let you end.

I married a person like that.

My husband, made me laugh… wiped my tears… hugged me tight… watched me succeed… saw me fall… cheered me on… kept me going strong… and drove me a little crazy at times! But he is a promise from God that I will have a friend forever!

In retrospect, my recollection, and my social media posts, might all seem rose-tinted. But the start of that journey, like any journey, was just as sudden, surprising, and confusing. Anybody who has been a part of the arranged marriage system knows this. You cannot predict just how fast your life changes.

But today, two children and twenty years together, we are glad our lives changed.

So far on our roller coaster ride between Mumbai, London & half the world we’ve travelled together…. life happened!

My husband & I are quite different. In fact, the gap between our preferences and thoughts grew wider over these years together. So yes, today we are sort of poles apart mentally. And believe me, opposites don’t always attract!

I am constantly de-cluttering my house while he loves to keep things at a handspan distance. He also loves to buy new things for our home. While I want to buy only what’s necessary or only what can find a place at home. Definitely, we never fight over anything. I sometimes give in to him while he sometimes gives in to me.

On our anniversary, I decided to change a bit and make my husband happy.

For a week I was diligent. I did not rearrange his desk. Let his work papers, chargers, remain on the nightstand. I upgraded my house by ordering some latest stationery, fancy mugs, containers, bottles, mats, etc. that he always wanted to buy.

I was expecting him to feel happy, thank me, but he never did it.

Finally, last night he turned and looked at me with concern. His fingers gently moved the hair from my face, with a warm smile he said:

Looks like your menopause has started!